Egypt PM decries Gaza ‘aggression’ by Israel – Middle East – Al Jazeera English

Egypt PM decries Gaza ‘aggression’ by Israel – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.


History repeats itself:Palestine


Make a prayer for the oppressed today. Stop and think.
How can we look at ourselves in the mirror?

I’m ashamed to be a human.

My brothers and sisters in Palestine are being treated as if they were worse then animals.
We pet and feed our animals.
But we bomb and shower our fellow humans with rain pour after rain pour of bullets and blood.
Is this humanity?
Israel have you forgotten what Hitler did to your people?
Why have you lost your humanity and forgotten your own oppression?

Stop. Think. Pray.

An Ode to Palestine

Everyday I wake up to hear more lives lost;
More children orphaned and their cries not heard…
Everyday I can hear their screams in my ears,
I can see tears streaming down their faces, watching their loved ones go numb,
Everyday we live, while their hearts slowly stop,
From the mass killings condoned by Israel’s handguns.

Everyday my heart turns cold knowing we can never do enough.
Everyday I question my lord what have they ever done?

But everyday I know their souls will go on.
They will live beyond this worlds gruesome love.
They will live to soar the sky’s up above.
They will be remembered and their hearts will go on to the place where we all one day will return.

They can take their lives and loved ones,
But only Allah can take their souls high, high up above.
Everyday I will pray and I will watch.

US Election

Procrastinating….Who will win the election?

With mere hours, minutes and seconds to go, the world is patiently waiting for the news which will affect the world regardless whether your American or not.

Scared, agitated and apprehensive the World’s fate as usual depends on which puppet will take the grand stage at the White House.

Some may argue and say well what has Obama done?

But people forget that change is a gradual process; you can’t leave something in a BIG FAT STINKING MESS as the Bush Administration did and then expect for the pieces to miraculous and magically be put together so easily by one man.

I have to rely to you however, that on the matter of Obama himself and the Obama Administration, I am neutral, I am by far not his biggest fan, but I do know that if Romney wins, World War III will be upon the Middle East quicker than you can say BOO!

Now we know that America is a place where religion and state are separate. However; America also thinks it’s special and Romney supposedly think’s America will bring about Armageddon!

Romney is a Mormon who believes in aliens and special underwear. Believes that tea and coffee shouldn’t be drank. Romney disagrees with Abortion; and for some strange reason and through a miraculous revelation which has no evidence, believes that baptism happens after death and that were all evolving to Godhood!

He also absolutely loves Israel and wants to go straight into Iran; when any sane person would do what Obama is doing and that is negotiate and talk, put the welfare of your own men and women first instead of pulling out of one so-called “War on Terror” and then going into another…

America’s fertility rate must be extremely high and active if they can afford the lives of civilians to be killed so easily…

There is enough blood on America’s hands and it increases day by day, minute by minute, put Romney at the fore front and they all might as well turn into Vampires and have a blood bath!

As if the people of the Middle East do not have enough suffering, death and destruction in their lives, to deal with yet another invasion…

There is no exaggeration when I say we’re doomed if he wins; We’re doomed even with Obama to an extent… but at least we may have a few more years! Or maybe that is just naivety talking.

Just remember… you could be black, white, asian, latino, green, blue or alien… care about the presidency of America or be indifferent. Regardless this will affect you…

I hope that the American Public vote wisely it is not just something that will affect them but something that will affect the world. I hope they can say they care enough about themselves, their children’s futures, the futures of children in the Middle East and those who have lost their fathers to the war already….

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