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Put fear in a population and you have the freedom to control them… isn’t that what we are now? Controlled?




“Knowledge is a tool, and like any tool, its impact is in the hands of the user” – Dan Brown

“You can’t separate peace from freedom, because no one can be at peace unless he has freedom”-Malcolm X

What is a terrorist?

Oxford English Dictionary:

Definition of terrorist:


  • a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims: [as modifier]: a terrorist organization


late 18th century: from French terroriste, from Latin terror (see terror). The word was originally applied to supporters of the Jacobins in the French Revolution, who advocated repression and violence in pursuit of the principles of democracy and equality

Iraq War 2003-2005 - 10 – Ok so are we saying that those who sanctioned the war on iraq; the righteous Bush regime, were not terrorists when they invaded iraq and thousands of innocent civililans such as this young innocent boy, were swatted like flies in their path?Iraq War 2003-2005 - 17 Or this baby? We coddle and keep our childrens and young ones close to our hearts; always one eye open to make sure their okay. I wonder if his parents were even left alive. Weapons of mass destruction? Democracy? OR was it Money? OIL? Power? Control?

Right so there was no political or money driven motive here. No sir none at all…

Land Stealers.

Fair Game?


“They lied” was an understatement. The invasion had taken place on March 20th 2003; promoted by the President by his famous phrase “weapons of mass destruction”.

Weapons of Mass Destruction? Where are these so-called weapons of mass destruction? Ten years since the horrific incident of 9/11, the soldiers are still on foreign ground fighting a war which they themselves know no reasoning behind. I am sure the mothers and families of these soldiers themselves do not understand why their children ran headstrong into this war. A war which was will never be justifiable.

I watched Fair Game today; and American movie about Valerie Plame who is a former CIA Operations Officer. I write this article today to try to find an understanding and to ask the public how and why we are at war with a nation who has never had any weapons of mass destruction, a nation which has now been destroyed. A nation which has become barren its people traumatized and scarred for life, but it is not only the citizens of Iraq that are my concern, but our soldiers, British Soldiers and American Soldiers alike, innocent souls who have been conditioned to fight… they fought and many have lost their lives, many have lost their minds, the pain which some hold will be forever..  But for what? We were all led to believe that the war was to restore “Peace” to create a “Democracy”, for the better. But who has this actually benefited? Where is the peace where is the democracy in Iraq; I’d like to know how we as an intelligent race were able to be brainwashed by people in power. These so-called bodies of the government who are out to protect their countries and their citizens could not even protect their own CIA agent.

Valerie Plame was shunned and turned away, her family threatened her career and livelihood at an end, America did not even attempt to protect its own, yet we were told this war was to protect the world from terrorist activities?

How can the world be protected when there is terror in one’s own country in one’s own life? By the same people who take an oath to protect their people, but if we cannot protect our own on their own soil, how can we hope to be protected by external threats?

7/7 another tragedy. Another loss, yet how can we even be sure who was behind it? I do not understand how we can all put suspicion on a certain group of people when the people who are in power to protect us have failed to do so. Osama Bin Laden they say, dead now but the most wanted terrorist in this world for ten years, as big as Hitler he may one day be in the history books. I find this amusing; I find it amusing how a man who was trained in a military camp in America could not be found in holes in caves in mountains in Afghanistan.

Satellite technology; we can now be traced to the exact location by our Smart Phones. Yet a man in a cave who is believed to have caused so much terror was not found for years? Hmmm… I disagree. If they wanted to find Bin Laden, they would have found Bin Laden unless he was not already found and killed. I mean we never did see his face.

Tony Blair’s some may say, only down fall was he stood behind Bush, for what? We followed blindly and believed every lie and snippet of the facts and all that’s happened in these ten years is destruction, bloodshed and an every lasting pain for each of those families on British soil on American soil and most importantly the families and innocent Iraqi’s who died for a lie. . Us the people, traumatized; we began to become suspicious of our neighbours, of the man walking to the mosque with his child; we began to question the woman on the underground who was covered, we began to once again question each other’s intentions, stereotype, discriminate and judge.

I wonder what happened to the Equality and Diversity Act on and after 9/11 and 7/11. We were all traumatized every race/religion began to question each other, we prided ourselves as a multicultural nation, a colourful country; there will always be a select few who will spoil it but on the whole we were ongoing a force to be envied.

Iraq and then Afghanistan, I wonder what is next? Is this a war on terror or a war on a race? Is this about protecting human kind from those select few who believe they are superior? Or is this a war for money and power.

How can we call people terrorists yet we do not call those in power terrorists, those who have invaded and allowed the innocent blood of thousands. I believe we will never know the full truth and I believe that there are many inter woven links which may never be unearthed.

But I do believe that it is time for a change, time for soldiers to come home, time for the world to stop being brainwashed, time for people to stand up and question. It is time for a change, to move on, to stop the hatred that has been forced I shall say into us to create fear and control, It is time for every individual to take control and for everyone to work us one.

It saddens me; I was brought up in a Muslim home, I was brought up to believe and respect every other person no matter their race, religion, and ethnicity. I myself grew into a woman who is proud to be British, to be able to have free will and freedom of speech; yet now I question this.

I am lucky as are most out there that I have not been a victim of bombings, that my family and friends are safe and do not every day have to be worried about the next firings, about seeing children fathers, mothers and brothers dead.

However, although I thank God for this, I ask myself, is this reality?

Could it be my family and friends one day?

Was I brought up in a lie?

There is no Fairness in this; No one is playing a ‘Fair Game’ , here.

“They lied”

A lie which has gone on for a very long time.

Lowkey, ‘Terrorist’: Listen and Think.


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